White rock museum and archives

The White Rock Museum and Archives is a cultural institution located in the city of White Rock, British Columbia, Canada. Its primary goal is to celebrate the community and its history through changing exhibitions, events, and a growing collection of artifacts and archival materials. The museum is dedicated to interpreting local history, with an emphasis on challenging visitors to think about both the past and future​1​.

One of the notable exhibitions held at the White Rock Museum and Archives was a retrospective exhibition titled “Morosan: The Man Who Painted White Rock.” This exhibition ran from January 17, 2023, to September 24, 2023, and was curated by Charlene Garvey​2​. The exhibition was dedicated to the work of Vojislav (Voja) Morosan, a Serbian-Canadian artist who lived his life engaging with beauty and history. Morosan was born in Belgrade, in the former Yugoslavia under Nazi occupation. He traveled to Switzerland in 1965, then to France where he studied art for three years, supporting himself by working as a car mechanic. He immigrated to Ontario, Canada in 1968, where he specialized in painting streetscapes featuring historic buildings. In 1982, he met and married Norma, his business partner and biggest champion. It was Norma who fell in love with White Rock and proposed that they move there in 1996. Morosan became a familiar sight around White Rock, painting en plein-air wearing his straw hat, accompanied by his little dog, Pebble. Morosan painted with a high key palette and a realistic style filled with optimism. His work often depicted buildings as new, streets as clean, and the sun always shining. His commitment to historic accuracy and a fine eye for detail, light, and color can be seen in all his streetscapes​2​.

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Another significant exhibition held at the museum was titled “Lest We Forget: White Rock During the War Years.” This exhibit ran annually, with the most recent one held from October 13, 2023, to November 12, 2023, also curated by Charlene Garvey​3​. The exhibition focused on the impact of the war years of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 on the lives of Canadians, particularly those in White Rock. It paid homage to the people who participated in the war efforts both overseas and at home, exploring how the wars impacted all aspects of life in White Rock. Thousands of men and women served their country on the frontlines, while many more stayed home in White Rock and served in the workforce, in convalescence, and in voluntary service organizations. The exhibition invited visitors to explore the history of White Rock at war through the museum’s collection and archival material​3​.


How much does it cost to go to the White Rock Museum?

The cost to visit the White Rock Museum is based on donation, meaning you can pay what you wish or are able to contribute​1​.

What is the difference between museum and archive?

Museums vs Archives:

A museum and an archive are both institutions that collect, preserve, and make accessible items of historical, cultural, or scientific importance, but they do so in different ways.

  1. Museums generally exhibit objects like artifacts, artworks, and specimens. These objects are often displayed to the public in exhibits, which are usually designed to educate and/or entertain visitors.
  2. Archives, on the other hand, primarily collect documents and records. These can range from personal papers and photographs to government records and business documents. Archives are often used by researchers who need to access original documents for their work.
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What is the difference between a museum and a library?

Museums vs Libraries:

Museums and libraries also have similar goals but use different materials and methods.

  1. As mentioned above, museums display a variety of objects for public viewing.
  2. Libraries, however, are collections of books, periodicals, and sometimes films and music for borrowing or reference. They are focused on making written and published material available to the public.

What is museum archive?

A museum archive is a part of a museum where documents and records related to the museum’s collections and operations are stored. This could include acquisition records, correspondence about exhibits, photographs of events at the museum, and more. Like other archives, museum archives are often used by researchers. However, they are also used by museum staff to manage the museum’s collections and to plan and create exhibits.

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