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Delivery Policy

Delivery Policy

By using the shipping service supported on the Artinus E-Commerce Website, you acknowledge and agree to the requirements, and/or the applicable Policies and practices outlined in this Forwarding Policy. Artinus reserves the right to amend this Delivery Policy at any time.

After placing the order and paying 100% of the order value by forms of ATM, Credit card, … Artinus will send E-voucher information via the following forms within 24 hours:

SMS to the customer phone number registered on the Order

(Message content includes “E-voucher code, the Expiry date of E-voucher”)

Email customers used to register accounts on or


In case a customer changes the order phone number/email account after a successful payment & E-voucher code has been sent, Artinus will not be responsible for any loss of Artinus E-voucher information.

When customers need to change their order phone number/account email, please contact the Customer Care Department via Hotline: 039 742 7882 for advice & timely information updates

HOTLINE: 028 6298 3767