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About Us

About Us



Welcome to Artinus 3D Art Gallery which revolves around 3-dimensional objects, where you need to go at least once in your life because of the benefits of strong sensory impact and perception, helping you to experience and discover your hidden talents while immersing in the 3D.

Artinus 3D Art Gallery is an artistic space in-depth, so when coming here, it is no longer about contemplating inanimate paintings created simply by the artist, but each painting is a story that is vividly reproduced with modern 3D art technology, through which visitors interaction can produce visual works with attractive story content. Therefore, Artinus 3D Art Gallery has inspired anyone to visit, directly affect all senses of visitors, create a positive influence on you, help you discover yourself, master the story of the painting your own. You will unleash your creativity in your imagination, vision, explore your acting skills, interact with the scene, especially have a good environment to train bold confidence in front of the camera lens. Developing the ability to analyze the character’s psychology, the background … Artinus 3D Art Gallery we confidently bring spiritual and physical values to anyone who loves to experience and explore. It has competitive fares and preferential programs such as Free photo development – colorful and colorful photos with real stories, unlimited time to visit, cool space, a modern air conditioning system creates a comfortable mentality … and many other attractive services.


Artinus 3D Art Gallery – Balancing the benefits of company profits and the interests of visitors, is a convergence place and brings deep humanistic values through many innovative impacts affiliate programs strong in senses and senses to develop personal capacity, in which, confidence is a key factor to help people to succeed. Artinus 3D Art Gallery will be an effective bridge to help you be confident in front of the crowd, in front of the camera lenses, increase your ability to be sensitive to interacting with objective relationships of life … Artinus 3D Art Gallery always welcomes you with an Artistic illusion that helps you maximize your strengths, positively impact your path to success, and that of others.


Surprise and delight are the first feelings as soon as you step into the gate of Artinus 3D Art Gallery, we are open to you on weekdays from Tuesday to Sunday, to maximize your needs for your healthy entertainment.

Opening Hours of Artinus 3D Art Gallery:

Tuesday to Sunday: 09:00 – 18:00 (Stop receiving passenger at 17:00)

Weekend, Holidays: 09:00 – 19:00 (Stop receiving passenger at 18:00)


HOTLINE: 028 6298 3767