Cruises From San Diego December 2022

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Are there any cruises from San Diego?

Cruises from San Diego. There are many cruises from San Diego. This is the complete schedule of cruises leaving in 2019 and 2020. Spring cruises departing out of SD go to Hawaii, the Mexican Riviera, South America, through the Panama Canal, and up the Pacific Coast. Unfortunately, there are no summer cruises from this port.

How do I find a weekend cruise out of San Diego 2023?

If you ever want to quickly find a weekend cruise out of San Diego 2023 , log onto Expedia and enter your desired date of departure and the desired length of your cruise. You will see all available options on the screen, so you will be able to tell at a glance if there’s a weekend cruise that works well for you.

Where is the San Diego cruise ship terminal?

San Diego Cruise Ship Terminals. The San Diego Cruise Ship Terminal is located at 1140 North Harbor Drive at the B Street Pier, near to San Diego’s city center. The adjacent Broadway Pier now also boasts a terminal, the Port Pavilion, described as the ports ‘first green building’.

How do cruises from San Diego work?

Cruises from San Diego depart from the modern B Street Cruise Terminal and Broadway Pier. This is also generally where cruises to San Diego pull into port. The terminal has many customer service representatives as well as souvenir shops and a beautiful park where visitors can sit along the water.